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  • How to choose the Surf School for You


    When researching surf schools for an upcoming vacation, it is important to ensure it will meet all of your needs. With the plethora of options popping up in every known surf destination, the task of finding the right one for you can be daunting, but there are 5 major categories of things to look for. […]

  • Surfing in Southern Nicaragua

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    Nicaragua is known within the surf community for its consistent waves with steady offshore winds blow across Lake Nicaragua and groom the waves to perfection. The best time to paddle out is indicated only by the level of the tides. May through October is when the South swells hit the Pacific Coast and when most […]

  • Adventure Resort in San Juan Del Sur


    Adventure in a Backpack wrote an amazing blog about their stay at Mango Rosa and we wanted to make sure to share it! They were impressed with the location of our resort in the jungle, just far enough outside of town to enjoy the tranquility, but still close to the world class surfing beaches. They enjoyed […]

  • Nicaraguan Destination Wedding


    Mango Rosa is a popular location for destination weddings. Located close to the tranquil Marsella Beach, we are able to give couples the beach wedding they have dreamed about. If its not a beach wedding you’ve dreamed of, we also offer onsite garden weddings in our beautifully constructed, raised palapa rancho. We have contacts with […]

  • Why I choose to Live in Nicaragua


    I get the question a lot, “What made you decide to move to Nicaragua?” The answer is usually a list of things we wanted to get away from in the United States. The rat race, commercialism, over crowded, abundance of rules & regulations… But to me, what is more interesting is why I choose to […]

  • 11 Top Group Activities in San Juan del Sur


    When traveling to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua with friends or family, it’s important to find activities that everyone can enjoy. Below is a list of some of the top group activities Mango Rosa has helped coordinate for the people whom have stayed with us. 1. Yoga Many people come to Nicaragua for the sole […]

  • When is the best time to visit Nicaragua?


    Dry vs Wet Season Nicaragua doesn’t have a summer & winter, instead we have dry & wet season. In San Juan del Sur, temperatures rarely fall below 70 degrees or as high as the triple digits. Although the weather is warm all year round, these different times of the year do present different characteristics, but […]

  • Coastal Fishing in Southwestern Nicaragua


    The dry season in Southwestern Nicaragua, which runs from November until April, is the best time of the year to come down and land one of the many sport fish which call these waters home. Here’s a look at just some of the fish you can expect to land while fishing our waters. Jack Crevalle […]

  • Hiking in San Juan del Sur


    Part of the beauty of San Juan del Sur if the freedom to roam with less obstruction of fences marking boundary lines & the fear of intruding on someone’s private property. San Juan del Sur is vastly still open, rolling tropical hills, bearing the most exquisite lookouts. San Juan del Sur offers hikes for the […]