Mango Rosa is a great place to spend the day with your kids, but we know families don’t just come to see our resort, so here are a few options of kid friendly excursions we have to offer.

1. Zip Lining in San Juan del Sur is a real treat and Flying Frog Canopy Tours will not disappoint. Boasting 17 fun-filled zip lines through the forest, you and your family will enjoy flying past tropical birds, monkeys, sloths, and even a waterfall. Flying Frog also offers packages including rappelling and a tarzan swing. Come back and post all your incredible photos using Mango Rosa’s free, fast WiFi.

2. Parque de Adventura starts with a action packed polaris ride to the highest peak in San Juan del Sur. The guide will point out wild birds, monkeys, and sloths while you and your family climb steeper up the mountain. Once at the top there is a large platform for eating, drinking, and taking in the picturesque views. There is a small park for kids as well as an Iguana Sanctuary your family will surely enjoy. Parque de Adventura also offers zip lining, rappelling, walking tours, and a tarzan swing. If you haven’t had enough of nature when you return, take a stroll through our lush, private gardens and see if you can spot familiar vegetation.

3. One of our favorite family activities is a trip to Playa Hermosa. Mango Rosa provides 4×4 truck excursions to the three south beaches or we can set you up with a polaris rental and you can cruise to the beaches on your own. Either way, in no time your family will be zipping along the remote dirt roads on your way to tropical paradise. Playa Hermosa is known as the most beautiful beach in San Juan del Sur. Complete with a restaurant & bar, hammocks, freshwater showers, and easy to ride waves, your family will enjoy a fun and  relaxing day at the beach. Check out our video of one day at Playa Hermosa.

4. Horseback riding is always fun for the whole family. Ride the hillsides around San Juan del Sur while taking in the sites of wildlife and spectacular views of the coastline and town. Mango Rosa can fully arrange this activity for you, so sit back and relax in the Hammock Rancho while we take care of everything.

5. La Flor Beach Natural Reserve is one of the few spawning sites where Paslama and Tora turtles lay their eggs. If you are fortunate to be in San Juan del Sur during the spawning or birthing of these amazing creatures then this is a family activity you should not miss. The tours are at night, so be sure to enjoy dinner at our Grand Rancho Bar & Grill before heading out. La Flor is a beautiful place to visit even outside these events, and turtles can often be spotted off season.

6. Right down the road is Nicaragua’s original disc “frisbee” golf course. Your family will enjoy a couple competitive hours winding through the tree shaded tropical playground. Everything needed to play a round or two is provided to you at a very low fee. Cool off in our lagoon-inspired swimming pool when you return to our resort and enjoy a cold Toña, Nicaragua’s National beer.

Whatever your family’s activity level, Mango Rosa has something that will be sure to make your Nicaraguan vacation unique and memorable for years to come. Interested in putting a package together? Check out our Family Adventure & Surf Package. For more information of the activities we offer, please click here.