When you come for your stay at Mango Rosa, you have a plethora of beach options to choose from. Whether you want to just go for a couple hours or want to spend the day, we’ve got you covered. To help you get acquainted with what each beach has to offer, here’s a short description of the most popular beaches in San Juan del Sur. To help you get the lay of the land, we’ve listed them from South to North.

Playa La Flor

The most Southern beach in San Juan del Sur and home to La Flor Beach Natural Reserve and where turtles come to lay their eggs. This beach is known for the nightly turtles tours during the laying & hatching season, but is also beautiful during the day. Lined with a tropical forest, this expansive beach is a great place to spend the day exploring. The entrance fee is C$200 (Less than $7) per person, C$100 for children. There is also camping allowed on this beach for C$500 per tent.

Playa El Coco

About 40 minutes from Mango Rosa and 30 minutes from the center of town, this large, beautiful, white sandy beach is great for swimming and the perfect place to watch the sunset. Bring a cooler and spend the day or enjoy some food & drinks and the pool at Restaurante Puesto del Sol.

Playa Yankee

This expansive beach is a hot spot for surfers. There are no amenities on this beach so make sure you pack a cooler with plenty of water and bring your sunblock because there is very little shade. If you plan to surf, please let us know so we can loan you one of our surf boards.

Playa Escameca

A smaller beach with the most Northern part known as Costa Dulce. Another great surfing spot. There is a small restaurant, Rancho La Tortugena, serving local food, cold beers, and friendly smiles. 

Playa Hermosa

This beach is one of the more popular spots. There’s a $3 entrance fee, but it comes with an array of hammocks, palapas, fresh water showers, bathrooms, horseback riding, a bar & restaurant, as well as spa services. No coolers allowed, but you can bring things in your personal bag if you wish. This is a great beach to spend the day relaxing and enjoying our tropical paradise.

Playa Remanso

20 minutes from Mango Rosa or 10 from the center of town, this rockier beach is great for beginner surfers.. There are two restaurant bars located on either side of the entrance, Slaudy Bar & Tacos Bar & Grill, with plenty of seats in the shade. This is a great beach to have a smoothie and on a clear day enjoy the view of the Costa Rican mountains.

Playa Peña Rota

Famously Exile Island on Survivor – San Juan del Sur. A rocky beach with plenty of trees to offer shade. A great spot to enjoy an ocean view in the shade or a bonfire at dusk.

San Juan del Sur Bay

On any given day you will find locals, tourists, and carefree dogs splashing in the gentle waves of our in-town bay. Home to our main port, enjoy a tropical cocktail at any of the variety of restaurants on the bay while enjoying the view of the boats lightly swaying in the breeze. Rarely do the waves get large enough for surfing, this is a safe beach to enjoy with the family.

Playa Marsella

A short 2 minute drive or 10 minutes walk from Mango Rosa, this calm & quiet white sandy beach is known for its view of Submarine Rock. Located at the South end of the bay is Marsella Beachfront Hotel and offers food, drinks, and swimming to visitors. On the North side,  where the river mouth ends, there is another restaurant called Restaurante Rancho Marsella. A great place to watch for our resident crocodile, Paco.

Playa Maderas

Is the most popular beach for surfers and backpackers. It has a chill jungle feel and boasts four restaurants; Maderas Sunset Bar & Restaurant, Tacos Locos, Studio Cafe Bar & Grill, and Los Tres Hermanos. This beach is also great for the family because it has a labyrinth of tide pools the kids will be sure to love. 

Playa Majagual

Secluded beach with hardly a soul on it. A great option if Maderas is too crowded for you. Bring a cooler or order from Matilda’s. The perfect location to spend a romantic day away from the tourists.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, San Juan del Sur has the beach for you and Mango Rosa can help get you there. Relax in the shade, get a massage, learn to surf, or go horseback riding, we’ll make sure your beach experience is unforgettable. For more information about activities around San Juan del Sur click here.