As we near peak season here in beautiful Nicaragua, our guests are preparing to come from all corners of the world. When planning your journey, the choice of your final destination airport can often lead to logistical headaches and confusion. Whilst most guests tend to land at Managua International Airport, there are a fair few who opt to land at Liberia Airport in Costa Rica for a number of reasons. Oftentimes, these guests  are unsure as to how to complete their journey from there. With that in mind, in this post we’re answering the question “how do I get to San Juan del Sur from Liberia Airport?”.

We enjoy a great relationship with a reputable company that has safely delivered guests to Mango Rosa, via San Juan del Sur, from Liberia Airport routinely. Through our partnership with them we are able to offer a private cab from Liberia Airport to Mango Rosa with a change of car at the border for US$150, or alternatively guests can cross the border in the same car for US$280. Please note that prices may be subject to change as per our service provider. Pricing based on one to three guests; please request a quote for larger parties.

All smiles on the way to Mango Rosa!

All smiles on the way to Mango Rosa!

Here’s how the process works:

1. Your friendly driver will meet you at the arrivals hall at Liberia Airport. He’ll be sporting a huge smile and a sign with your name on it.

2. He will take you to the border where you will walk across it escorted by your driver.

3. Your driver will assist you in clearing all the paper work necessary for exiting Costa Rica.

4. After that, your Costa Rica driver will introduce you to your Nicaraguan driver.

5. Your Nicaraguan driver will then escort you to the Nicaraguan immigration and assist you in clearing into Nicaragua.

6. Your Nicaraguan driver will then take you direct to san juan del sur or mango rosa in Nicaragua.

The drive from Liberia to the border is about 1 hour and 40 minutes or less, depending on traffic, while the drive from the border to San Juan is about 45 minutes (again, traffic dependent).

You will also need to pay the fees for entering and exiting Costa Rica as well as the entrance fees for Nicaragua. These fees are small, so please ensure you have US dollars in small denominations of U$5 and U$10.

See you at Mango Rosa! Please Contact Us for further information. Coming from Managua? Check out Getting to Mango Rosa from Managua.