Nicaragua, the Ultimate Getaway

When the winter holidays approach, it’s time to think of the perfect getaway.  May we recommend Nicaragua Holiday Vacations?  In Nicaragua, there is no winter and summer; instead, there is the wet season and the dry season. In San Juan del Sur, a coastal town just 4 miles south of Mango Rosa Resort, the temperature rarely falls below 70°F and rarely goes above 100°F.  It is perfect temperature throughout the year.

Vacationing during the Wet Season

The wet season typically begins in mid May and end in November.  Although people from USA may balk at the idea of a rainy season, locals in Nicaragua embrace and rejoice in the rain.  The dusty roads soak up the sprinkles and the trees and plants explode with new life.  With just a few weeks of rain, the land transforms itself to a tropical forest with lush green plants of every shade of green.  It is because of this that the area is often called the Emerald Coast.

The wet season is the best time for hiking, horse back riding, zip-lining, and kayaking.  the weather is a little cooler and the scenery is vibrant. Surfers will love this time of year because the ocean waves are larger and stronger. Not to disappoint, this is also a great time for offshore sports fishing.

Holiday Vacation during the Dry Season

The dry season begins in December and persists until April of the next year. When Americans are thinking of cold winters and a white Christmas, residents of Nicaragua experience a burst of color as plants begin to flower and bear fruit. With the onset of flowers and fruit, you begin to see monkeys and other wildlife who come to forage. The ocean waters become as warm as bathwater and the waves diminish to an easy roll. The dry season is perfect for beginner surfers and people who like to swim along the coast. The gentler waves make fishing a little easier for those who are not avid fishermen.

Because tourists often arrive in December for Nicaraguan holiday vacations, the area is busy with live music, culinary delights, art shows, and performance.

Mango Rosa Resort

At Mango Rosa, we believe that Nicaragua is a great place to visit regardless if it is the wet season or the dry season.  We offer all-inclusive vacation packages for individuals, small groups, and large groups of up to 35 guests.  Each package includes airport shuttle, accommodations, food, drinks, scheduled ground transportation, and a choice of activities.

For more information about our Nicaragua holiday vacations, please Email us  or call: 011 505 8477 3692.

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