Dry vs Wet Season

Nicaragua doesn’t have a summer & winter, instead we have dry & wet season. In San Juan del Sur, temperatures rarely fall below 70 degrees or as high as the triple digits. Although the weather is warm all year round, these different times of the year do present different characteristics, but no matter what time of year you come to visit us in Nicaragua, you will be pleased with what this country has to offer.

The first rain every year seems to always be on May 15th. Usually a light sprinkle, but these first drops mark the beginning of the wet season which typically goes until November. The rainy season is welcomed with open arms here. The dusty dirt roads soak up the rain, leafless trees become dense with greenery, and the ground bursts with a thousand shades of green.

After only two weeks of rain, San Juan del Sur becomes a lush jungle again and you can see why this area bears the nickname, The Emerald Coast. This is the best time for hiking, horse backing riding, zip lining, and Kayaking because of the slightly cooler weather and astonishing vibrancy of color. The large surf during the wet season is a great time for avid surfers to visit and the offshore fishing like Dorado and Sailfish is prime during this season as well.

October is known for daily rain – which is really quite a treat. It rarely rains all day and sometimes just at night, but the fresh smell of rain gives San Juan del Sur a certain richness. This is the slower season here, so a time to enjoy a more tranquil town and see more locals enjoying the easy-going pace.

The beginning of December is when the dry season commences in Nicaragua and lasts through the end of April. Slowly the leaves plunge from the trees, creating jaw dropping Fall scenery, but with temperatures that say otherwise. Trees that were once bright with green, burst with pink, yellow, and red flowers. It is truly magical to watch.

The ocean warms to bathwater degrees and you see more families opting to play in waves. This is a great time for the beach, lounging by the pool, and boat cruises. The smaller surf and warm waters is great for beginner surfers and the crystal clear water makes it a great time of year for fishing. Monkey are more visible during these months, as they come further out of the forest in search of food. 

This is the busy season here and when some tourists escape their cold climates to bask in the sun. The town is alive. It’s easy to catch live music, an art show, or dance performance during this time a year.

With sandy white beaches and year round warm weather, there truly isn’t a wrong time to visit San Juan del Sur. Book a room whenever you are able to take a vacation and come see for yourself. We hope to see you soon!